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Personal Information Protection Policy

Our company will adhere to the following personal information protection policy, building a system to protect personal information, in which all employees are thoroughly aware of the importance of, and promote the protection of personal information

Management of Personal Information

Our company manages obtained personal information in an appropriate and up-to-date state in accordance with related laws and regulations. In managing the personal information of users, our company maintains a security system for stringently controlling personal information, enacting thorough necessary employee training, and building safety control measures to protect from illegal access to personal information, as well as the loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information.

Purpose of utilization

The customers' personal information may be used to send emails or company documents; responses to inquiries, business information or guidance.

Prohibition of disclosure or providing of personal information to third party

Our company will not disclose or provide any of obtained customers' personal information unless any of the following conditions apply:
・the consent of the customer
・disclosure to an outsourced contractor for service requested by the customer
・when it is necessary to disclose in accordance with the law

compliance and review of laws and regulations

The company observes Japanese regulations and other regulations applicable to personal information it acquires. It also reviews its policy whenever necessary for the purpose of making improvements.

Contact for inquiries

For inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, please contact us at the following.

Fukuoka Prefecture, Onojo City, Shirakibaru 3-5-29



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