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Thank you for using BEST BOAT (hereinafter referred to as This site). A-NEXT (hereinafter referred to as Our company) have defined the usage conditions for the services provided on this site (hereinafter referred to as This service) as follows. We consider that all users, with the use of any part of this service, have accepted the conditions of this agreement. Additionally, the contents of this service may be cancelled, changed, or stopped as necessary without prior notification to user. Even in these cases, the operator of the site burdens no liability to users or third parties.

  1. Changes in the Terms of service Terms of service on this site may be updated, changed, or added without prior notice. Changes in the Terms of service take effect from the time it is displayed on this site. When using, please check the latest usage policy of this site.
  2. Information provision and responsibility for users
    All the information provided on this site is posted based on our own standards for gathering information, writing comments and listings.
    In addition, if it is difficult for the operator of this site to directly check the physical properties posted on this site, we create listings based on information obtained from cooperating shops on this site.
    As mentioned above, we do not guarantee the security, accuracy, or authenticity of the information provided (all information provided on this site including listings and contents). When using this site, users should be sure to check in advance necessary items (condition, price, availability of stock, options, etc.) According to the above, we do not take any responsibility for losses, faults, or damages that may occur based on this information. As a general rule, please confirm the actual item when purchasing and decide at your own risk.

    Our site service provision may be interrupted or suspended due to system malfunction, maintenance inspection, natural disaster, etc. We will not be liable for any damages resulting from the interruption or suspension of service. We do not guarantee that sent emails, web contents, etc, relating to this site do not contain harmful items such as computer viruses.
  3. About prohibited matters
    ・Acts that violate public order and morals
    ・acts that lead to criminal activity
    ・Misconduct using this site, or acts that violate laws, regulations, ordinances
    ・Acts judged to be an obstruction to the operation of this site or which could be an obstruction to the operation of this site.
    ・discriminative behavior
    ・fraudulent activity
    ・acts that violate the privacy of others
    ・acts that infringe on intellectual property rights (trademarks, copyrights, patents, etc.)
    ・acts that slander or infringe on the credibility of this site, or could slander or infringe on the credibility of this site
    ・Unauthorized tampering, diverting, erasing of any and all information on this site without permission
    ・destroying, infringement, or interfering with the function of computer software, hardware, or transmission equipment by means of uploading, mailing, etc. contents that contain computer virus or harmful code files or programs
    ・all other actions that violate the operating philosophy of this site
  4. About damages compensation
    In the case our company incurs damages by result of actions in which the user or cooperating shops violates these Terms of use, or by using this service fraudulently or illegally, damages may be paid (including legal fees) from the user or cooperating shops.
  5. Disclaimer
    Our company is not responsible for the following matters.
    ・Damages caused to the user due to changes to the terms of use, suspension of service provision, or termination of this service when using this site.
    ・Damages incurred to the user through the usage of, or inability to use the services provided
    ・The certainty, integrity, usefulness, validity, or accuracy of information users and cooperating shops obtain through this service
    ・Damage caused through this site by user or cooperating shops to other users or third parties
    ・Operation of devices and software used by users and cooperating shops
    ・damage or unauthorized access to data caused to users and cooperating shops or other related services from system interruption due to computer or communication line failure, discontinuance, delay, loss of data, or failure caused by unauthorized modification
    ・Connection costs incurred by various carries when using this service
    ・Any other damage caused by or related to matters related to this service.


Thank you for visiting our website. We are a company based in Fukuoka, Japan that sells used boats, fishing boats, etc. within Japan primarily to customers in Asia, mainly Korea and China. Since we are interacting with intermediary companies in each country, you can consult in your native language.
First, take a look at our used boats. If there is something you are interested in, feel free to contact us.

Latest boats

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Our Contacts

A-NEXT Co., Ltd.
3-5-29 Shirakibaru, Onojo-shi,
TEL: 092-573-1611
FAX: 092-573-1612
E-mail: info@bestboat.jp
Customers from Korea who have questions considering customs clearance and ship transportation, please contact
TEL: 010-8668-7879
FAX: 051-797-8252
URL: http://jboat.kr
E-mail: jboat@naver.com